Growing hurts a little…..Let’s face it

I have to tell you: being thankful for correction does NOT come easy for me. Does it for you? They call it constructive criticism; but so many times in my life it seemed to come at such an inopportune time. I am learning to appreciate correction; but it’s hard sometimes. There are times we want to say: “Really Lord, can you focus on someone else for awhile?”

The truth is we are not “under” the law according to the gospel of Jesus Christ. However; I have studied my bible enough to know that being wise beneficial. There is such a vast treasure of wisdom in God’s treasure box, it’s just incredible. Truly.

I remember that time I over drew the bank account and started begging for Mercy. Deep down we know when we messed up. We do. God put our conscience there for a reason.

I remember lots of times I pushed the envelope so to speak; because I thought well I’m not under law but Grace! I can walk on a tight rope and defy the law of gravity if I want to but sooner or later it will catch up to me and I just may fall. Nothing like a scrape and a goose egg to make us re think our choices, right?

My cries for wisdom came from being prone to foolishness which led to some very dire consequences at times. I think of Paul saying “who shall deliver me from this body of death” and a branch of that is: “Who shall deliver me from my foolish ways?”

Truthfully, we may have good reason at times to be angry, upset and flip out but what good does that do us? And does it really help us in the long run to do those things? (or anyone else for that matter?) That’s the sort of thing wise people ask themselves. Just yesterday I forgot again that pity parties and fits of carnality do not ever help me. Half way into a big pity party I stopped and remembered: ‘oh yeah, this never helps! can you relate?


Just on the journey with you by his Grace,


grace to grow the study guide pic.jpg

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