What we listen to……..hurts or helps

In Psalm 91 it says No evil shall befall you neither shall any plague come nigh your dwelling. I often say out Loud no Plague shall come near me. Meditating on and speaking the word of God is a good way to build ourselves up in Faith.

Every day we hear and receive negative input so why not deliberately choose to listen to His Holy Truths? I dare say just listening to bad reports all day about sickness and disease is about as unwise as listening to an Atheist blither on all day as to why he thinks there is no God. Feeding on that stuff will get to you eventually just like bad food hurts your actual body.

What we allow into our heart is more important than what we eat or drink. What we allow into our soul will determine our state of spiritual health. be Careful what you “drink” or eat on a daily basis. Spiritually speaking of course.Of course be prepared for the fact people think you are nuts when you are a spiritual health nut! it goes with the turf. ‪#‎behealthy‬ #growing #growing in Grace

-Laura Grace, Author, Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow and Grace to Grow Study guide

soon to be released. HEART FOR GRAcE.jpg

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