Get out of Religion and into Jesus!

I really am so excited. Today I am reading out loud my book; Grace to Grow Study guide which is finally completed. The cover has been designed as well. I am so grateful to God for allowing me the chance and opportunity to share from my heart what has helped me in Growing. I treasure My Salvation and Growing in the Lord more than anything on this earth. Lord I praise you! I praise you! Please let this book which is of you be well received and helpful to many! In Jesus’ name! Amen This poster shares a concept that really helped me in my growing with God. He is looking at what you do right more than what you do wrong. He and the Angels of Heaven are cheering you on! Amen.


Laura Grace Author, Grace to grow and Grace to the Rescue PS my kindle edition of Grace to the Rescue is free of charge until January 21. check it out on amazon!


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