God wants to know…..how to help you!

A ROSE IN BLOOMme in the light

Good Morning! As I was having my coffee this morning and praying, It occurred to me, how many of us just need the Lord’s help today. Don’t we? I could hear so many hearts out there just crying out, “Do I make a difference?” Or even “God do you really even care about my problem today?” Does Growing up mean “get over yourself?”

You know, the disciples asked a lot of questions (of the Lord) Off to the side, where it’s not even printed in our bibles. Every conversation they had IS NOT written down. It could not possibly be? Have you seen your bible? Do you think it really includes every conversation they had? I believe the most important ones are written down, but honesty in today’s world we need to know GOD IS THERE and HE DOES CARE! I love prophecy, but one word does not fit all, not even one solution (given in a sermon) addresses every problem.

So what do you really need from God today? He wants to help. He is not limited by church services, podcasts, no, not even limited to the books we write. He’s not hindered or limited by your mistakes, your past, or even your future. He does not say- “Sorry, I can’t help you, you’ve messed up too much and are not worthy of my intervention or help.”

When he said look at the lilies of the field, He was not saying “go naked!” He simply wants us to learn not to worry, how to cast our cares on Him, how to trust him about every little thing. For everything that matters to us, also matters to Him! So be brave, ask Him what you want help with today. He loves you! He loves you more than any man ever could. He loves you more than any parent ever could. If some religious nut that didn’t know Jesus very well beat you up, please don’t let that stop you from coming to Jesus. He is not like that, in fact he gave the religious meanies a beating in His Holy word to show you, he is not in agreement with that kind of mean fanatical and unholy junk! “HYPOCRITES” HE

said to them. “you heap burdens and don’t lift a finger to help them” (Jesus said) so ……we do know HE WANTS TO Help lift your burdens, He does care. Jesus is worthy of our Praises. And what I want to do is HELP promote a God whose love knows no limits…….

He just loves you. He wants to Help! -sincerely and with Love, Laura Grace


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