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Do you feel ready to handle anything? (that comes your way?)

My personal dealings with Atheists on a mission

I know how to fight spiritual battles and I know how to win. I know how to cast out demons, I know how to resist the devil, and I’ve seen him flee.

But nothing can prepare you for the day you run into one of these die hard atheists bent on the total destruction of your faith. Christian, you had better be ready. They will say you are living a fairy tale. They will tell you how the bible conflicts with itself and doesn’t add up. They will baffle you with facts and give you evidence you never even knew was there. If your belief in Jesus is built on sand at all, the storm of their lies will find you. The ones I dealt with were shrewd and pretended to be interested in what you had to say, long enough to gather information.

Once they have gathered the necessary information on what you believe (and why) they will often feign curiosity and ask a question, appearing to be interested in what you have to say. Every encounter is designed to gather more information from you, and then anything you have said can and will be used against you in the court of accusations later on.

For instance if you say, “I don’t know” the answer to that question, later they will say something like: “You said yourself you didn’t know, so how do you know what I am saying is not the truth?”

They will back you into a corner. When it’s all said and done, you had better have a testimony to overcome with, because if you don’t, there’s a good chance you might fall under the weight of the flood of intellectual logic coming at you full force.

I know my bible well, and when a logical and seemingly intelligent atheist came along and I began to argue with them; I soon found myself buried under so much confusion, I could scarcely find my way out. Now; I won’t say there isn’t a devil, because the devil does help these sorts of people at times.

The stance they believe will draw them in. Evil spirits are drawn to a place of lies and unbelief, as much as the Spirit of God is drawn to a person sold out to Jesus Christ and his ways. You may very well cast a demon out, see results, and be all encouraged by this, but I can tell you right now, the person who wants to be corrupt will always become infiltrated with demonic help once again.

So why did I say an updated version? Because, only the Spirit of God can teach you what the bible means to that you can honestly stand up for God’s word. Without the Spirit of God you won’t be able to do it. Without the Holy Spirit’s help, you personally will not understand the meaning of the scriptures before you. If that happens, and you are cornered by one of these persons, you may feel overwhelmed or even sunk.

Learning to receive from God is more important than learning self-defense in the natural. It could mean life or death for your soul. The truth is however, most people will not seek a self-defense class until something almost happens to them, or actually does happen to them. The close call or even being a victim of a violent crime is what often propels people to seek help so it never happens again. This was the case with me, and this is what brought me into a spiritual crisis, which then led to prayers I would grow.

So what about you? Are you sure you would make it, with or without church gatherings?

Will your faith In God stand solid, come hell or high water? If you would like some help, I have some books out there, sharing what God has given me.

Laura Grace, Author of Grace to the Rescue, Grace to grow and the very soon to be released, Grace to Grow Study guide.


2 thoughts on “Do you feel ready to handle anything? (that comes your way?)

  1. Oh man, I ran into one of these at Starbucks the other month. He was an older guy and he basically told me, using Freudian psychology and Keynesian economics, how I was the crazy one and that I was an adult child believing in fairy tales. He didn’t rattle me. It was sad actually. I prayed for him afterward…I feel like those are some of the most lost people there are. It’s too bad 😦


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