Why don’t I like…..Coconut cream pie?

coc pie

I don’t like Coconut cream pie. Why, you say? I have no idea! The main reason is, I don’t like the taste of coconut. Someone can try to convince me of the benefits of coconut, or try to tell me how good coconut really is (if they want to). They can tell me a splashy story of how “one day” they ate a piece of it and, it caused their day to be brighter. None of this is likely to move me, because, quite frankly, coconut disgusts my pallet. Every fiber of my body says “yuk, coconut! It doesn’t matter how much someone baked it, put their love into it, or even if they bought me a piece out of the goodness of their heart. I still do not LIKE coconut cream pie!

For many of us, we can relate and I am here to tell you: You don’t have to feel bad about what you don’t like right now. You don’t like church (maybe) or you do like church. You don’t enjoy a certain persons company, or perhaps a certain podcast, webcast, sermon, book or song does not appeal to you. So what? Find a different kind! Hey, in this case you don’t even need pie to make it to health; do you? Who cares how you get your vegetables? Butter, no butter, salt, no salt. Maybe you like cheese on top? Who cares how Christians get their food? There is a passage of scripture, it says basically, don’t make your brother stumble over this. “My pastor spoon feeds me really good!” (You might say) “And, I got what I needed.” Good! Now, unless you need coconut to live (and you could take it in pill form, and not pie form) what’s the big deal? These are the types of things Christians really should stop arguing about. What church is good (or not good) what book is good (or not good) so someone doesn’t like it? So what? Eat your God-blessed food and, enjoy! And Christian? If you are telling someone they have to go to that podcast, or that church or that particular sermon just because YOU Like it so much, guess what? You are in the wrong!


And if you want the scripture: Here it is:

Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food. All food is clean, but it is wrong for a person to eat anything that causes someone else to stumble. Romans 14:20
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