Healing (Praying dumb prayers?) Daddy (God) didn’t raise no dummy!

me in the lightGood Morning! (or afternoon, or evening) say I was talking to the Lord this morning, and he put this message on my heart. To a lot of people (who know me) I look like a real goofball sometimes, or even an air head.

Lots of people feel the need to “take me aside” and straighten me out, and I think it’s because in the natural, I really appear to need a big dose of common sense sometimes! I can relate to Paul, and to the other disciples. “Not many of you” It says, were noble or smart by the world’s standards. I know (that I know) in the realm of the Spirit, Daddy God didn’t raise no dummy! So, I want  you to pay attention to what I am saying here, because I am speaking as a minister (servant) of the Lord unto you right now.

When we have a cold, a cold sore, a blister, an ingrown toenail, or any other “little thing” Why do we not put into practice the blessing of praying for healing? Why do we not pray like it’s life or death? OH Laura, you may say (boy she’s really gone over the top now!) Wasn’t that a stupid question? (No, it really wasn’t). Yes, I know the answer! (I can see you now, saying it) “Because it’s not life or death, I know how to solve it.” I can hear you saying this, and I know people think it, because they try to straighten me out all the time!

Guess what? Maybe you need straightened out! Faith comes by hearing IN OUR SPIRIT) the word of God. This does not mean we try to loudly believe and strive to believe (No that is not what it means at all!) We believe because we practice believing on a daily basis, WITH EVERYTHING. A long time ago a minister said: “Faith is like a muscle you work it out.” I took that to heart and believed it. SO you know what that means? If I have a boo-boo or some little thing that bothers me (which a doctor or me could solve) I still prayed over it lie it was life or death! Why? The same reason you lift small weights in the beginning. Faith is a muscle (so to speak) and we have to “WORK IT OUT.” If I had a nickel for every time someone tried to “take me aside” and help me have “some sense” I’d be a rich woman!

oh but wait, I am a rich woman! You know why? Because I have so many testimonies of God proving His word to be true in my life! And do you know why? Because I pray about every little thing. And if People don’t want to hear it, I do it alone with my Heavenly Father. There is a passage in the bible “Elijah was a man like us and he prayed………”

for what? “not to rain, and to rain” I just quoted it last night to the Lord when I was praying. Why do you want be like Job In the bible or Father Abraham? They longed to see what we see, and to live in the day in which we live. They did not have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to enjoy. WE have that opportunity. It glorifies God to be healed, to be provided for, and to have faith about everything that troubles or ails us. It glorifies God if yes he “helped us” get that splinter out of our foot. You have opportunities to exercise your faith every single day, so when (bigger) trouble comes you are stronger to stand against it. Are you practicing? or are you too prideful to “bother God” with the little stuff?

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Laura Grace, minister, author and friend.







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