christians are not condemned……..

Grace to grow study guide #2 JPG

“All of us know deep down, what is loving actions and what is not love. Did you know this? Of course you did. This is why often people will say; “I got more love” in the bar, or the bowling alley, than I did at church. People know when they are accepted or not accepted, and we pretty much know when someone is putting us down, don’t we?

Many of us struggle with the difference between guilt and conviction, or God’s correction and condemnation. Conviction is the nagging indicator in our conscience, which says what we are doing is not up to God’s standards. Condemnation on the other hand, is a continual feeling of shame, and contains unbelief. With condemnation we fear we have run out of chances, and that like a building about to be torn down, there is no hope.”

An Exerp from Grace to Grow Study Guide by Laura Grace (coming soon)


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