Grace to the Rescue……..for us all

Grace to the rescue cover0002.jpg

Update on My book projects: I wish I had not touted Grace to the Rescue so much as a book about my deliverance from a bad marriage. In 1978 my current husband (Tim) told me someday when the world had chewed me up and spit me out he would be there. And by the Grace of God, he was.

Today as I was praying I really felt the Lord saying to me the book is more about God’s preserving power of me and my children THROUGH This messed up abusive marraige married to a corrupt man. (for 16 years no less!) In the times we are in People Need to know God’s preserving power and his ability to seperate us unto him despite being “married’ It seems to some very harsh leadership and extenuating circumstances.

I praise God I was told to stay put (by my leadership) not because they were right that I could never be free, but if not for them; i would not have learned how to go through the fire with God and teach my children to love God, while at the same time having a spouse who was leaning toward ungodly all the time.

I would not have learned as a woman- I am still able to take a stand for Christ with HIM as the head of my household. God’s power and promises overrides whatever man says.

The more I look at the condition of our country right now the more I see “married to wicked” all over again. My story will be used as a beacon of the Lord for Hope and I have no doubt of this at all. I may have to write a part two (to this story) in order to Get across how exactly the Lord kept me from revenge, falling apart, joining my spouse his sins and countless other temptations that come with being married to a corrupt person.


I remind you the bible does say: corrupt men and evil imposters will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. I’m a veteran of the Lord and his is going to use me to bring hope, healing, growth and development to the body of Christ who are “My people” because all of us are his people. God be with you. Please pray for me.


Laura Grace (If you would like to purchase my book I have copies available) write me at sisterzeal@yahoo.com

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