My secret to staying positive ……..

every day visionaryHi! Father In the name of Jesus, someone needs encouragement out there and I pray you would encourage them! In Jesus’ name! I thought I’d share a few thoughts as to how I stay positive about the future today. Ready?

  1. I focus on what I do have, not what I do not have (most of the time) for instance: Coffee, my dog being happy to see me, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, etc and so on.
  2. I pray and ask God to encourage me when I need encouragement. (Ask and you shall receive, right?) And guess what? He does!
  3. I surrender my future into God’s hands when I am feeling fearful or am dismayed. I both remind myself, and let others remind me: “God is good”.
  4. I refuse to listen to any input that says God is not good. In fact; I resist those thoughts and refuse to believe them.
  5. When I look at scripture I look at it with a heart believing; God is good. If the passage sounds like he is not good, I ask him to help me see it through his eyes. I ask him to adjust my thinking by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
  6. I do take the time to rest, sleep, rejuvenate my mind and think happy thoughts. Whether it’s a great memory or a current event; I do participate in the process of thinking what is pure, lovely and good report. I do not use this as an excuse to dodge the truth, but when I learn of a bad or scary truth; I immediately begin to ask God for his higher truth, which means he has the answer, he has faith about it, and he wants to get me through this whatever it may be.
  7. Just as I did again yesterday, I always remind myself, “Nothing is impossible” to those who believe. One of my favorite passages of scripture.
  8. I remind myself that nothing shocks the Lord or takes him off guard.
  9. One of the most important: I do allow myself to vent and/or be real about the situation. I do not (most of the time) try to impress God with my great faith. He knows when I’m afraid hurting or almost sunk. I tell him the truth about it, but I also deliberately give him permission to change my mind about things.


Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank you today for the opportunity to grow in you, more and more. Help us Father to sow good seeds first into our own hearts and then into the hearts of others. Help us to be good soil, good farmers and to be very pleasing to you Father God. In Jesus’ name I pray we will remember this one thing: “In all our getting, we would never fail to get understanding, wisdom, and the knowledge of you.” For this is the primary mission we have dear Father; to come to know you, and for you to know us.”

Amen -Laura Grace, author, Grace to grow and Grace to Grow Study Guide




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