The Miracle Motel Job

The year was 2002. God had just led me to walk out of a 16 year marital union that was nothing God ever intended for my life. Yes I agreed to be married to this man. I did. I made a vow and eventually broke it (as sin) but the vow was never a bright idea in the first place.

Did you know breaking vows is a sin? Making them without praying about it is a sin as well. We are sinners, before we come to Christ, and we made messes of our lives. It was either cut of my arm or be dragged to hell with him, so I left. And God said I could.

The bus pulled into the small town in MT, and I got off the bus and stayed at a local motel. After a few days, I moved to a motel with a better weekly deal, and spent most of my time in that room praying and seeking God.

I really was looking for work and asking Him where I should work, and it kept coming to me over and over I should work at this motel I was staying in. Based on that inkling, I inquired about working there, and they didn’t need anyone.

When my unemployment was almost gone, I had a friend tell me I should leave this town, a praying friend, I might add, one I looked up to who was a leader in church at one time.

I left, and not long after, the manager of that motel walked off the job. Someone else took over, I was gone to Washington State and then to a bigger city in MT. My address changed, I travelled around and worked, but I had sent a letter to the owners of the motel asking if they ever had an opening to contact me. This was all because of that inkling I had I should work there. In 2004, we were settled and had purchased a mobile home, I was with Tim by this time. (My current husband of 14 years) and we got a call, I really have no idea how they found me, but it was the owners of the motel. They offered us a management job.

We prayed, told them if our mobile home did not sell in 30 days, we could not come or take the job. They were willing to wait. Thirty days later, at the exact time we said (to the Lord) we will not go unless the mobile sells at this time, on this day……we were sitting on the courthouse steps counting the cash for the exact price we had asked and stuck to.

With my son Thomas in tow we walked into a job we had never done, in a town we did not know very well, in the beginning of summer with it full, and going full steam. We were given about 2-3 hours of instructions, and there we were, running a motel.

I remember my husband saying “what if we fail?” “what if they fire us?” What will we do then?” See, I had an indicator in my heart, 2 years before this job happened, of what God wanted to do. And, He did it! When we took this job, it was intensely scary, but exciting all at the same time. Whenever I think of Miracles, I think about this (and many other times) I just had to GO and do what God was asking. But here’s the thing, he did provide (before we went) because when he wants to do something, it will happen, even chase you down if you give up on it. This is what I believe, we receive by faith What God says He will do for us and then, He does it! In His time. -From the stories of Grace to the Rescue, by Laura Grace

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