Day 2. “Lo, I am with Thee………” even when it seems nobody is listening

day 2 This is what God said to me this morning. Matthew 22:5-6 was the highlighted verse but I read what was around it. In this passage those who were sent were ignored/killed.
I anointed my ears before I started this morning and asked God to speak. Here is what He said: “The outcome is not always what you think it will be. They were sent, yet nobody wanted to listen to them. I know it’s not a nice story, and I know you don’t wish to hear it, but the truth is not everyone is going to listen to you, and even if they did, that alone could never be proof that I sent you.
The parable is also proof of how I operate sometimes. Signs and wonders in this case, followed the death of my servants who were not heeded or listened to. (So I burned the city). People will often go to extremes to avoid hearing the truth. in this case, the servants were sent to gather those invited to a feast, but they still would not come. No one was willing. Now I ask you? If nobody comes, does this mean I have not sent you?
Based on my own word, how can you possibly think such things? People listening or not listening to you is no more proof or evidence that I did or did not send you. Tell the devil to flee, and remember I am with thee, even to the ends of the earth.”

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