Day 1: Who is hindering you?

ME UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.jpgYesterday I was led (by the Holy Spirit) To attend a certain church, and I did follow his leading. My bible says His sheep (go in and out) and find pasture. We are led by the Holy Spirit, who is in agreement with God the Father, and Jesus the Son.

Words were spoken over me, and I want to highlight a particular Word that I was to be still, listen, get a journal and write down what God wants to say to me. “You’ve been talking so much” the Spirit said, that God can hardly get a word in edgewise!” (WHOA!!) ……..

This morning God spoke Matthew 16 to my heart, and He also elaborated on it for me. The teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees, while seeming to Honor God’s Word, actually hindered people from running their race, in Christ. This is why Jesus was so concerned that his disciples “beware” of these teachings. Teachings that teach to scrutinize, analyze, and be overly concerned about sin, methods of doing things, whether how you are doing it is right or wrong, all of this cuts in on us, and keeps us from walking in the Spirit, running our race, and even learning from the Holy Spirit. See? While I was focusing so hard on whether what I am doing is right or wrong; I was praying too much, talking too much, worrying too much, and all because, I wanted so desperately to get things right!

God surprised me by giving me a Word of correction I did not quite expect. Are we trusting Him to teach us today? (By His Spirit?) Or are we trusting in the doctrines of men?

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