Day 4 Fear of Man & being healed of rejection ….

Fear of man is a snare. I refuse to live in that place anymore.

This morning the Lord spoke to my heart and I am going to share some of it, because He did also say “what you have heard in secret” shout it from the housetops!

So, here goes. Whenever we do not feel needed in the Body of Christ, or what we say does not seem to be well-received, there is going to be a sense of being or feeling rejected.

Have you ever heard little kids say, “You’re not my mom, you can’t tell me what to do?”

Some react this way whenever we share what the Lord has put on our heart. It doesn’t mean (necessarily) we did not hear from him either.

Now, I am speaking to people who know the Lord is our Shepherd, we should expect to hear his voice, and we are taught by the Holy Spirit just as He said would be.

I am a Pioneer (of sorts) and I do know this. The truth is, (biblically) we are called to Go and make disciples of all men, not to make them into church sitters. I see nothing wrong with going to church, I do go there myself (quite often, I might add) however, that is not what we are called and commissioned to do.

We need to know we can stand with or without church, people, and we really do. When I say church, I mean a building where everyone gathers at 10 or 11 am. Good parents equip their children to live out on their own, to be able to function with or without them. Amen?

Now, I have written books to help with this process of either becoming a disciple, or teaching others how to be one. They were written to help equip the Body of Christ.

God is restoring my confidence once again, that yes, regardless of what anyone thinks, believes, (or does not believe) I am doing my part to help in the great commission which is

GO YE………Make disciples of all men, and if you have ever been or felt rejected by men, ask God to heal you, because honest, He really will do that. Stand up and be counted! Regardless of what men may say………..amen -Laura Grace



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