Day 5 Dessert! Walking in God’s timing………

I want to share that I went to a soup supper at the church Wed night, when we walked in they were all concerned as they had no dessert.

I had made a blueberry dessert for a book club meeting the night before, which got cancelled! so I had it and brought it and walked in just in time to fill a need on the table. Dessert! Everyone enjoyed it, and said it was wonderful.

My timing was almost perfect, one woman had just sent her husband home for some Oreo cookies because she said “we need dessert” and there is none here!

I suppose we really don’t NEED dessert but it made the supper seem complete, amen?

This speaks to me about ministry. I pray Father that when we speak it will be just like that dessert. Right on TIME just what they needed to hear and just what they were hungry for amen! amen amen Praise you Lord! I was talking to a group of ladies yesterday, sharing that even if someone does not like (your ministry) or what food you are serving up it doesn’t mean it’s not good! It may be just wonderful! Keep on cooking!!

We wait for those perfect times when someone says AH …..that’s what I was hungry for Thank you! What a blessing! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord with meat, with cheese, with soup………and ……….even dessert! Amen -Laura Grace, author, Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow, Grace to grow Study guide and ABC’s  (available on Amazon)

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