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Wake up Church!

wake up 2.jpgWake-Up

Some are awake, some are still sleeping. And some are sleep walking!

In Ephesians 5 it says “Awake, oh sleeper, and Christ will shine on you!”

Everyone says they want to be a light (Usually) but do we really want to be

awake? Some want to just go through the motions, routines are comfortable

like sleeping is comfortable. Some might even call it a comfortable rut…….

I had an experience this morning that reminded me of being awake and yet

being among sleep walkers all at the same time.

Sometimes we are so focused on “what did I do wrong?” We hardly see what

we did not do that was right! Like, Waking up! Shaking causes WAKING!

So while we don’t like to be “shaken awake” sometimes it needs to happen!

amen? -Laura Grace




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