if we seek First the Kingdom……………

Hello! God was speaking to me this morning about Seeking First his Kingdom (and His righteousness) which is to say “our personal” right standing with Him. That is not to be decided (nor judged) by others, by the way. I’m a mom, I used to decide and make the judgment call as to whether or not my kids were “in trouble with me” (or not).

I can remember my daughter tattling on her brother, and most times what she considered to be a big deal, was not a very big deal at the time. For one thing, He was younger and wasn’t “her age” but also, she didn’t seem to realize My heart toward him either. I knew when he was sorry, or the difference between rebellion and an honest mistake.

Seeking God’s Kingdom is not all that lofty. It’s within you! However, staying focused on what God wants to say today with all the “voices in the wind” out there can be pretty challenging at times. Remember there is a promised attached “ALL THINGS” You need will be added to you- when you seek God’s kingdom first! in other words, that’s your priority! How often do we as parents tell children, are you doing what I said? And we are making plans to bless them right? And our plans are way better than what they think they need too! And that’s us Humans! just think what God can do! and plans to do!! WOW ….amen  GOD MAKES THINGS bETTER!111.jpg

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