Giving and Receiving ……take heed

NEW LIFE grace to grow.jpgEverything starts with a seed. The seed of God’s word planted in you. Seeds produce more after their own kind. Its been this way since after the Lord first spoke “be fruitful and multiply” to everything in existence HE had created! So we give, we also have to be good soil to receive, and as we receive (in our hearts) what God wants to say to us, He sends someone to water and helps His words grow. Here’s the catch however, you are still master of your own destiny, unless you daily give your life over to the Lord. Every day, same decision, over and over again.

CAN YOU SEE, that the saying “let not your heart be troubled” (Which Jesus said) also applies to “Seeds that” the plant springs up, it’s wilted by the cares of this world? That means we really do have to pay attention to what we are letting into our hearts, friends.

“if you are always worried about money, and making money” you will be indifferent (hate) my words, the Lord spoke to my heart, recently. Likewise, if you are concerned about building (my church) Then start building my Kingdom! What is my Kingdom?

BEING IN ME, IN MY WORD, IN MY PRESENCE and IN with the program I have designed for you by my Spirit! I’m the teacher, (not you) not your mother, not your brother, not your best friend. I am still the head of my Body (Says JESUS) So, what I give you freely give, but first you have to receive it from Me!” Otherwise what you are giving is not of me! And if what you are giving is not of me, it’s not the gold, silver, and precious stones I told you to build with, and it will not stand the fire.

“Take heed how you build” but I will not control you, you choose, says the Lord.

and this is straight out of the bible. -Laura grace


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