The Miracle that happened when I wasn’t looking……

This car: 2014 Chevy sonic …….I was shopping for a Jeep when I got it! The Lord caused it to just jump out at me !! I got like 4,000 off the price too……..NEW CAR JULY 17 2014.jpg

Anyway…….I wasn’t looking for this particular blessing, in fact, I was praying for Gods will for a new vehicle, “his best for me” …….and I was also seeking the Kingdom of God.

My Jeep, which was a rugged all terrain vehicle with a deer guard, had simply worn out. It wasn’t until today I realized, a miracle God did for me when I wasn’t even looking! See, for years I was scared of tiny little vehicles like this. I was told if I ever got in a wreck, I would be so dead (in an instant) so, I have carried this fear of little cars for years and years now.

It didn’t seem like a big deal to me, (to have this fear) but I really did have it. When I rode with anyone in a small car My heart would just race, and I prayed, a lot!

So Now, I’ve had this car for two years, it was on the showroom floor, 4,000 off the price, so I have lost no value on it, as far as appraisal goes. It’s a great little car. God caused me to get it, caused me to like it, and how do I know this? because “LAURA” Had fear of little cars yet she said “YES” that’s the one! I lost all my peace shopping for a Jeep, even though that’s what I wanted. and let me tell you, this car has been a BLESSING……..

it gets about 40 mpg on the highway, comfortable ride, has plenty of room for groceries…….gets up and goes even in the winter time.

But I did have to tell you, this deliverance from fear (over little tiny cars) just left one day when I was busy seeking God’s Kingdom, chasing after HIM and not stuff. just sayin’


with love and prayers, Author, Grandma, Mom, wife, Minister ….dog sitter and your friend,

Laura grace


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