What if…..they lie….wolves disguised


Hello. SO “Father in the name of Jesus, I ask you to guide this message as I speak, and let it totally be of you, and in your Spirit in Jesus’ name I pray. amen.”

We were watching the movie “Enough” last night with Jennifer Lopez. It’s the second or third time I’ve seen it. It’s a harsh movie, very harsh circumstances, daughter and mom both in danger and trouble, from the man she married, thinking he would love her and he did not keep his vows, or his promises, according to this story line.

AS I was watching it, I thought about my own life (history) and what God brought me out of, and what I’ve been reading about a certain religion that claims to be peaceful, yet I keep reading of women being dragged through the streets for punishment, being whipped, child brides married and raped “to death” and all kinds of horrendous things being done in the name of ‘religion” and it happens to be a religion that is trying to knock on the door of America’s heart. America says, “give me your tired, you poor” your huddled masses yearning to breath free.

I used to be like that, my heart was set on loving every person who ever needed anything from me, at any time. I never reckoned or counted on being conned, lied to, deceived to my face, and I never anticipated the danger of my very own children going without, being in danger themselves, or anything else as my idealistic little heart was so set on LOVE ……

But not the open eyed kind of love, the blind kind of love. The near sighted kind, the kind you never have again once you have been a victim of terrorism, hatred if you don’t bow and do what you are told, if you don’t think like you are told to think (even if you know it’s wrong) and all because you took someone at their word, when they promised to be a good person, a nice person, a fair person, and then you find out: THEY LIED !!

Well, the truth is, there are a lot of people out there who are not really practiced up on being fruit inspectors, or even being discerning. I wasn’t either until I got duped, and I mean duped so bad I almost lost my life over it. So this warning about wolves in sheep clothing In our bible? It’s very real, Not a game. And the wolves are not the ones who are going to church or not going, tithing or not tithing, none of that has any relevance.

The wolves are the ones who pretend to be peaceful, pretend to be those who need help, and inside the mission is to overtake you, destroy you, eat you alive………..and have you for lunch. They do whatever their animal instincts tell them, without regard for you.

It’s not a little warning about a little problem it’s a BIG warning about a very serious threat! Well, Here’s the thing, I wish I would have prayed before I jumped on the bandwagon all those years ago, insisting we all love love love the wolves wolves wolves …..

And this Mercy God was talking about? Be merciful to yourself! to your children, to your family! Jesus did say resist the devil, and he will flee…….but if we just let him into our house watch out! so be careful how you believe K? Find out what Jesus meant, ask him, I didn’t until it was almost too late…….because I wanted to be the one who loved the most and be like Jesus! but I did not understand He hates evil and wants us to resist because HE LOVES US …..and he doesn’t want us torn to shreds by ravenous wolves.

Love to you all. The Lord Grant you discernment, wisdom Open the eyes of your heart, that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing, In Jesus’ name, Amen


Laura grace


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