The wisdom of God’s been justified…..

DIAMONDS DIAMOND.jpgThinking about my upcoming book, Grace to Soar today. Here’s the first line: are you tired of crashing and burning? I well remember a few years ago when I started this journey of “me and God” studying together out on my front porch, with the Holy Spirit’s help. I had a coach, his name is Diamond, and he’s in Heaven now. He was cheering me on! I’m so glad too, because without it I’m not quite sure I could have done it.

Getting divorced was not easy for me, being torn apart by divorce was not easy either. you know, when people have sickness and illness, there is usually a lot of sympathy, but when you are a Christian going through something like that, there’s a whole lot of guilt and shame piled upon the guilt and shame. I know many say I should forget the past. Trust me when I say, I DO NOT live there. But I will never forget what happened. Why? Because I choose to and want to help others cope, with things they are going through, having a hard time with, and maybe feel nobody understands their emotional struggles and pain. I’ve been to college, I’ve read literally hundreds of books on co dependency, Psychology of this and that (and the other thing) and I am well educated on the subject, however……………….’

that stuff did not save my life, GOD DID and I will Testify of that until the day I die. When I pray for you it’s real faith because I know what God can do. When I point the way to Him I know he’s really there, he has helped me countless hundreds of times, in many different ways. As provider, healer, (and healing me in different ways) emotional healing, overcoming anger, believing YES YOU ARE WORTH IT God would have sent Jesus if there was only YOU to save. I truly do believe this with all of my heart!

We need the foundation of belief that Jesus is savior and Lord yes, but what from there? I was looking back at the last few years of my life, thinking how my choice to focus on God’s word being a seed, Focusing on him WATERING THAT seed, being patient to let all of it grow, praying for it (his Word) to grow in my heart is a whole different encounter than just memorizing scripture. My husband used to be so impressed at all the scriptures I knew he would say “she’s a walking bible”…….

BUT in the quiet of the night between me and God? I was not impressed and neither was He. it’s not what you know IT IS If you grow and it grows up inside you (to produce fruit, wisdom, and many other things) so ……

There is still time. Don’t let the devil or anyone else push you into believing you have to become some Super Star for Jesus ……when what you really need……….is to GROW into the man or woman of God he wants you to become……..

Be at peace, slow down, don’t let the torrents of this world stop you or prevent you from being at Peace (and Growing) For there is still time…..plenty of time……..

My books Grace to Grow Study Guide and others are available at Amazon. they are a labor of love to you from me……and I love you all (very much) just as God does. for He lives, in me. Laura Grace, Mom, wife, grandma, author, minister of the Lord, and more.

PS I will be in Lewistown at 618 for a book signing, Saturday March 19- 9-11 am




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