WHO GOT MY SOCKS WET? by Laura Grace

colton and tim.jpg
Tim carving a pumpkin with Colton

This morning was pretty much like every other morning. I went to pick up the dogs I dog sit at 7:20 am, prior to that, made breakfast, got dressed, fumbled around in a dark room before I woke up my husband for work, and was sort of in a hurry……..

I went to get ice from the freezer for a second cup of iced coffee, my favorite thing here lately. I dropped three ice cubes on the floor……they scattered, I was in a hurry, so I didn’t have time to fool with them. I saw one in the pathway where we walk and kicked it off to the side, going on my way!

After I got Tim up, he was out in the kitchen in his socks and said “why is the floor wet out here, did we have a fire?” I said, “no……..” (and started laughing) …..and could not stop!

The reason I could not stop, is it reminded me of another sock incident years ago….

when..(drum roll) we didn’t have toilet paper and I used a sock to “do my thing” and hear this horrible objection from the bathroom “WHO Wiped (rear-end)  with my sock!!”

and I laughed that time too! Sometimes I wonder if the people in the bible ever laughed. Did they? They had to didn’t they? Surely some really funny stuff happened, along the way to Jericho (or wherever they went). I wonder if God just figures we ought to have common sense, and figure out for our own selves “Laughter” really is VERY GOOD MEDICINE!!

I’m so glad he doesn’t say what we can laugh about, and what we can’t. Who knows when something will hit you as funny? You just never know!!

have a happy (laughter filled) day!

Laura Grace (author) http://www.amazon.com/author/lauragrace

and I’m thinking of adding a book of funny stories to my repertoire!

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