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Are you a Pioneer? Or settler?


Settlers Settle. Pioneers venture out. Which are you? you can be both, you know.

The bible talks about pressing on, going forward, striving toward what is ahead, but it also talks about God strengthening, settling, and establishing us. I believe walking with God involves both; times of settling times of pioneering, and going forth into new territory with Him. There is a commercial on TV that says “settlers settle” and of course its’ about someone settling for less than what they “could have.”

I don’t want to do this. I believe we are born to win, born to master, born to overcome.

This old dirt road, a long time ago was just grass, then a rutted and hard-to-travel road. Someone paved the way by adding gravel, had a vision to make it easier (for cars to go upon) and later on, some even had a vision to pave it. That’s what I do when I write books, the hard won revelations I have received (and vision) of Growing, developing in Christ and soaring with him, I have established a road. I have not done it all by myself, God has anointed and appointed me to write on certain topics, others have done so as well.

We all have this vision of travelling the road (together) and hoping to make it less bumpy, less difficult, and easier for all of us (each other) to find our way HOME which is living in the Kingdom of God while we live upon this earth. We are strangers to this world, we are one with one another in God’s kingdom. Don’t settle for less than knowing Jesus fully, he wants you to have it all! He wants to eat with you, travel with you, laugh with you, cry with you and be your very bestest friend. #I love you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit for making the road easier to find, for all of us. In Jesus’ name we pray. amen



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