We need to have Faith! Or at least I do…..

ROSE IN THE LIGHT!I went to the doctor yesterday……..

For my annual check up only, it’s been 2 years since I went. I have to tell you, I really do not like going to the doctor. Why? Well they often speak to me of what could happen and give warnings, which are not always warnings from God.

Why? Well, I’m sure the knowledge (at times) and information can be valuable, and trust me when I say, I do listen to them when I go there. So much of my life, the odds have been stacked against me, and it’s taken years of focus, hard training, meditation, scripture study and renewing my mind, to get to the point where I am not afraid to get out of bed in the morning and FACE LIFE. I do not need help being scared! (amen?) I can do that just fine, all by myself!

The truth is, Trauma, bad things (car wrecks, all that stuff) which have happened to us, sort of robs us of our innocence and has the potential to disable us spiritually.

If we become spiritually disabled, unable to believe for things we cannot see, cannot comprehend in the natural (how it can happen) there is no hope we will be able to run the race of faith very well. So the choice is ours, (really) whether we let the bad things that have happened disable us, to the point where we find ourselves becoming cynical, non-optimistic, and a person who declares FAITH to us our enemy, instead of our friend.

Here’s an example for you. Let’s say you are cooking, someone comes along and starts talking to you and says; “You know, 1000 people a year burn their hands while frying eggs.” Now I’m so nervous, I just might burn my hands frying eggs!

When I am frying eggs I need you to cheer me on, have Faith for me that I will do it just right. I don’t see how standing there telling me what could happen is going to help me fry eggs better.  But now, if I did burn my hands, and I was praying for wisdom, and God uses someone to show me “how to avoid that in the future’ that is a really good thing!

There is such a fine line between Knowledge that puffs (us) Up and the type of Knowledge God is talking about when he says “Add to your Faith, Knowledge, to Knowledge…….” It’s a passage about how God wants to build things into our lives (Faith, Knowledge, Self control, perseverance, and so on)

He is talking about knowledge HE wants to give us here, not knowledge the world wants us to have. Earthly wisdom is sensual, demonic. My bible says so! TRUTH Is TRUTH but we need to constantly allow the HOLY SPIRIT TO be the filter of what is truth and what is fiction or half-truths. So Yes Father, I do want the truth, but only your truth, not the world’s version of the truth! and I simply refuse to be La-TI-DA about it all!

“I want your wisdom! Father I want your input into my life! And thank you that your Word says You give wisdom to all, without finding fault! (book of James) so right now I ask you cause me to hear from YOU Lord, grant me discernment! Let the meditations of my heart and mind be pleasing to you Father God! In Jesus’ name we pray and, do not allow us to believe the lies of the enemy (even for a minute) In Jesus’ precious name!  Amen” -Laura Grace





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