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We all want a Happy Ending…..don’t we?

Rainbow  aI was thinking this morning, How we all Want a Happy Ending! If I am honest, my favorite movies are the ones which have one. How about you? People are drawn to the spectacular…..the Hero who wins the day,

The Villain that “gets his punishment” and the one whom all their dreams come true…….I was thinking how, we all have our own story, don’t we? It’s too easy to judge ourselves, just because we didn’t have the outcome we intended, or even believed for……

I think it’s fine to believe for miracles (and happy endings) but the truth is, we need to be prepared for both the happy ending, and the times it doesn’t all go like we wished…….

For me, that’s what Christianity truly is (in part) to learn to be content in all things, to learn to be happy and rejoice “despite the outcome” that is not going how we wished it would go. There are so many times in my life, I was weeping, disappointed and things did not go how I prayed (or how I planned) but later….I found that God did not forget!

SUDDENLY the thing I desired appeared! And had I given up completely….to the point where IF I had burned my bridges (so to speak) I never would have seen the Miracles I believed for!

HOPE LIVES even when things seem to be going oh so wrong……HOPE says MY GOD HAS NOT Forgotten my prayers……He loves me, HE cares……He wants what is best for me. Happy Resurrection day to you all, even though the real Passover is April 2016 this year! See? The day does not matter the technicality of it all “does not matter” because God is far more interested in what we believe about Him! That HE IS GOOD that HE LOVES US.


That’s why he sent Jesus………to show us all how much HE really does care! if we can’t get that simple truth….how can we get any more from Him? (and have our Happy Ending!)


With Love and blessings, Laura Grace

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