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Every day life….and dogs……..



This Dog……I have to share this Testimony with you. Tim was always a cat person, he didn’t like dogs when we first got together. Anyway this is COOPER ……

He didn’t want a dog, I talked him into Happy, then we got Cooper.

Happy went everywhere Tim, layed at his feet and licked his hand every day and they were just like best friends almost. When cooper first came to live with us Tim called him a monster and a land shark.

Now they are so close- and Cooper just last night grabbed his coat and pulled on him …he was so excited to ride in the truck with him and knew that’s what they were doing. He jumps up on him and literally Tries to TALK if Tim won’t scratch him.

“ROW OW OW“….he says……and tries to make his hand scratch him.

He’s a character! He tried so hard to kill this ball for us so it won’t bother us. LOL ……He eats bees and flies all the time it’s a serious mission to him to KILL THEM because they might be bothering us. Anyway It’s a dog story………..we love our dogs, they love us.

We still love Happy even though he’s gone….and think of him often.

Tim saw the benefits of dogs from being with one every day, learning of their unconditional love, funny ways and loyal friendship. Isn’t that how we all learn something? From constant exposure to something good?

Or if it’s bad, eventually we learn to get away from it! right? -Laura Grace, Author

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