I got a tree! WHEEE …reminds me of me!

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Willow In the Breeze (Wall art)

WHEEEE I got a tree! And why is that so significant? (You might ask?) God says we are like trees (planted by the living water) when we are soaked IN HIM. In HIS Spirit in HIS Care! IN HIS perfect will, and timing. All we have to do to be this way is to receive it. How do I know? Because, a seed is planted, the tree grows. God’s words are incorruptible seeds, they grow within us.

Our flesh (our self) is like the soil, we have to prepare it to receive “the seed” of God’s word. We do this by choosing Good seed over bad (we have the choice, you see) it’s all in what you receive (and choose to believe) and as we receive Him (and His word) as the GIFT that it is, and allow Him IN we become like this Tree ….willows sway in the breeze, that’s why I chose this one. I want to be reminded (every day when I look at it) and see, this is why there are symbols, stained glass windows, Altars in the churches, all of it was reminders (of God’s word) that people wanted to remember, cherish, think about, and meditate on. THE PUROSE of it all to remain “IN CHRIST” and In his very words (Growing, being watered, and more seeds being sowed!) Isn’t it grand, being a tree? This tree reminds me of the beauty, of being a child of God. I love it! -Laura Grace

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