Liberty and Justice for all?


God’s heart ………We do not know What “Liberty and Justice for all” means without seeing it through God’s eyes. AS I was praying about an injustice the other Day God spoke to my heart, really, well, When you wave to one person and not the other, that is unjust. When you favor someone for any reason that is personal, that too is unjust.
I was like YIPE No more Judging Injustice Father! Yipe YIPE YIPE and …I am sorry…………..But see we really do not know.
We need to constantly pray to see things through God the Father’s eyes and not our own eyes. Many are victims of Discrimination all the time and it falls under a category not covered by “Protection laws” so laws are (Obviously) not the whole answer…….
In James where it says not to favor a rich man …….God wants us to see other areas where we discriminate. That’s how we get revelation, by not being afraid to let God show us MORE OF What he meant by what he said.
People need to be restore to God and to seeking God’s heart about things……..that should be our primary prayer direction I believe.
-Laura Grace Author Grace to Grow, Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow study guide
available on Amazon.

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