Controversial Stuff…….

IF someone wants to sin, it’s really none of our business! Did you know that, Christian? I want you to notice, even in the case of the woman caught in Adultery, Jesus did not join the rally of rabid rabble rousers who wanted to punish her for sinning.

He came to bring a totally different message than what the Pharisees were preaching. Paul was a Pharisee who BECAME a Christian, and another son of God after Jesus, the first born of many sons. If someone came into the church and said “Let’s have a Kegger and a Margurita party” Instead of a potluck, everyone would know this is wrong. I would dare say, even many who claim to be “born” of a different sexual orientation would, deep down know this is wrong. The gospel says we were all born into sin, and we all need a Savior, which Is Jesus Christ.

The minute we start to change this Gospel and preach another gospel, one that says no, not everyone was born into sin, some were born “this way or that way” we have begun to preach another gospel, which will lead to falling away. Preaching we are justified by our deeds will also lead to falling away (from Christ). Paul knew this. That’s why he considered his Pharisee status, his keeping of the law, his noble standing in the religious community of that day ALL TO BE RUBBISH So he could gain Christ.

PAUL was writing letters to the churches, not to the world. It is we who need to heed his words, and stop being so hell bent on correcting everyone who is not of God. If they are not of God and hate God, leave them alone! Let them Come to Christ if they want Him! If they come to you asking, help them! Pray for them, yes! We Christians need to grow, and become all we were ever meant to be IN HIM. -Laura Grace



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