Unconditional Love……and believing in the goodness of God

LOVE HURTSDear Heavenly Father in Jesus’ name I pray, that I will be able to effectively get across this message, to those who need to hear it, and I am trusting you to open their hearts to what you are saying, through me, this day in Jesus’ name. amen

The reason, (and I do mean the only reason) I can love unconditionally, is because I have received that my heavenly Father loves ME unconditionally.

What we have been given, we are asked to freely give in return. We cannot give what we do not have, or have not received. Does this help us understand why Jesus was so forgiving, so giving? I hope so! see, he was a teacher, but not just a teacher. He also sowed into good soil, the very harvest he was expecting to see return.

Did you ever think of yourself as “the good soil” God wants to sow in?

So often, people give their hearts to Jesus, sit down in church or some other setting, and begin to learn what they should be doing, and what they should not be doing.

What if God’s intention, when Jesus said “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me” was that we learn by example? What if, he really does not expect us to give what we have not yet received? That would change everything, wouldn’t it?

All I know is, way back when I first got saved, and I read the passage “We love” because he first loved us” a light went on in my Spirit that day, and I began to understand I cannot give what I have not yet received.

Jesus died for me a long time ago, and took my shame and sin to the cross with him, before I had even yet committed those sins against him. After received his gift of Salvation, he waits patiently for me to receive the entirety of what he has done for me. He knows it will take years, possibly a life time, to truly unwrap all the gifts he has given me, and to fully comprehend his love which surpasses my knowledge (of my own sins, failures and short comings). This is why our bible is good news, not bad news.

As I allow him to love me, my capacity to love increases. As I allow him to give (to me) my cheerfulness to give also increases. What if we stopped trying to prove to God we are worthy of This great Salvation, and simply allow him to pour himself (and his ways) into us? Could it be, we would become true ministers of His Grace?

I think so! With love and Prayers and blessings to you all,


Laura Grace


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