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Believing for Miracles……..
I believe we should always believe for miracles! I can see no reason not to ……..We are in an earth bound realm with born again Spirits of God. He created the earth just by speaking it into existence, so earth, as well as us, is all a miracle of God.
God intended for us (Our ancestors) Adam and Eve to have no sickness, beautiful surroundings, fruit to eat, good air to breath, and they could walk and talk with the animals, expecting no harm to come to them.
So yes we do live in a fallen realm, but expecting to have abundant life, and a miracle to live it if necessary (Or a few) Is not too much to expect or ask. God takes no delight in our suffering HE IS Love……..not does Love IS LOVE. He rejoices when we receive his words and his truths. And He rejoices when we begin to know and to continue to know, just how very good he is.
amen -Laura Grace

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