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The Fire

green guitar

Testimony time! (the fire) “The fire had started because of a wall heater, near the bed where we had just slept the night before. It was cold, so the wall heater (the only source of heat) had been running through the night, and into the morning hours. The bed was singed and burnt, and the window of that room had shattered, had blown out from the force of the heat, and a guitar recently given to us was lying on top of the bed, smoke damaged but otherwise unscathed.
I marveled about the guitar, as it was likely my most precious possession at the time. It had turned from blue to green in color, but the neck was not damaged, it still played, and it was not burned.
This was to be the first Testimony I would ever declare in the church, amongst God’s people. I remember we were given a gift certificate, and the Red Cross helped us to secure a new place to live. At this time, there were few rentals available, so even the fact that we found another place to live, seemed to be a miracle at the time.
I shuddered to think what would have happened, had we all been sleeping, and the fire would have started, just a few hours earlier. While the fire was devastating, I was filled with hope that the very same God who had saved our lives, had plans for us, plans to prosper and not harm us, and plans to give us a hope and a future.
The guitar, an electric ovation, was used many a time by myself to sing praises to the Lord, and I do believe the fact that it was nearly the only item in the house that was undamaged, caused my heart so soar, and I dedicated my heart to sing only songs to Jesus with it, from that time on. Every time I picked up the guitar to play and sing, I remembered the miracle, and that we were only alive and well because of Jesus. -From the upcoming book, Grace to Soar, by Laura Grace #Godsaves #Godprotects #Godisgood

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