What persecution really is….

You know, I feel led to share this, this morning. I want you to think with me a minute, about the subject of persecution. Persecution is not when “you” tell someone what a sinner they are, and they get mad at you for it. When we do things like this, it’s actually a trespass which we are committing. I know you don’t wish to hear this, but it’s true.

God gave people free will. I want you to really think with me “SOAR” above the pages of your bible, or what you have been taught, or what someone else has said to you about the meaning of Christianity for a moment, and let THAT all go.

What I am saying can sound pretty radical, to a dyed in the wool type Christian.

TELL ME one example where Jesus got in someone’s face about their sin? Can you? Or do you see him going to a tax collectors house, while the Pharisees complained? Did he grab a rock and stone that woman caught in adultery? No, he didn’t. Did he tell any of the lepers he cleansed “they deserved what they got?” ……..

Once I had read my bible for myself (several times) is when I really began to wonder how many people actually have read their bibles (in it’s entirety) and how many have just said what they heard everyone else saying over the years. Jesus didn’t get in people’s faces about sin. He said “come, learn of me….” He said “I am sending you a teacher” (the Holy Spirit). This happened after his death and resurrection.  

Persecution is when God raises up his “man of the hour” and people are blessed, healed, delivered, set free, and They hate the blessing (of God) and try to stop it.

All because they are jealous, upset, their power structure is no longer needed, their income just may cease (to exist) and they have to start calling a great move of God a heresy, because………..Well, people being in relationship with God is a very big threat to any religious system. They might lose their job! No longer be needed!! …..

Thus, the love of money truly IS the root of all evil (which supposed God lovers do these evil things) and worse yet, they are not sorry for it, they feel all justified (self righteous and full of pride!).

SO there is a counterfeit then, for what people THINK Is persecution, but in reality, the people who love God are already being persecuted, and have been, (for a long time now) by the very people who CLAIM to love God. -Father forgive them, they know not what they do …….and let your gospel (and good news) go forward forever I pray…..’

Laura Grace (author) grace to the rescue, Grace to Grow, Grace to Grow study guide, and the upcoming, Grace to soar (available on Amazon) …….Love to you all

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