Grace to not React, and the idol of feelings

anointing onmeI want to share something I believe to be super important, especially right now, in the world we live in.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but we live in a pretty reactionary-type society. Most of us who have spent any time on social media, have noticed, the list of things we cannot say without getting a pretty strong reaction, is really increasing.

Why? I’m not sure, I think partially, we live in a society that is in pain. I personally believe a lot of it stems from looking everywhere but to God, for the answers.

And, when I say God, I do not mean religion, I mean seeking a heavenly Father, who really does love us. Still, I have even found myself reacting at times, to the incredibly scary things I see sometimes, on social media. (IE: Facebook).

It is pretty wonderful Is it not, that we can all have a voice if we want to? No more are we the who’s down in who-ville, which Horton had to prove were there, but all of us have this great opportunity to share on the wonderful world of Facebook!

Personally, I am a pretty sensitive person. I cry easily, get my feelings hurt (more often than I would like) at any words or antics that seem to be callous, non-compassionate, or anything that basically disregards ME as a person. Something in us cries I AM HERE!

When a driver cuts us off, and earlier that day a friend did not seem to care (about what mattered to us) and we have deep seated hurts about “way back when” in school nobody liked us, or we weren’t picked for the team, or just whatever our history may be, it really does cause “reactions.”

All of us have been hurt, rejected, or completely disregarded at one time or another, in our lives, haven’t we? In some way or another, we’ve probably all been discriminated against.  I have difficulty with this new world of ‘boxes” where only certain people are supposedly discriminated against. It’s not fair, it’s not objective, and it certainly isn’t right. I think, Sometimes Feelings become an Idol.

Anytime truth is compromised because it hurts someone’s feelings to hear it, In the Kingdom Of heaven, we have a problem. Anytime we have people screaming, freaking out, and plugging their ears at the very sound of TRUTH coming forth, We have an anti-Christ spirit at work. How do I know? Because, God is into truth.

So then, In very plain English, I am doing my part to say this. When we hear that we need to dig in, (to the Word of God) or we need to Seek or PRESS IN or GROW ………We are talking about God revealing the hard truths we may not wish to hear…..

So then, screaming a lie, trying to make someone that is telling the truth SHUT UP really is quite telling, isn’t it? Calling someone names, just because they do not agree with you, all that kind of stuff really tells me ……..”you do not wish to Grow” …….and if you don’t wish to Grow …..you will stay in the dark as far as truth is concerned. And if you stay in the dark, you will stumble, fall, and have a difficult time Pretty much “ALL THE TIME” ……and those who cry out to God and claim He refuses to help …..

Did they do what God first asked? (Seek me, Find me, Seek after my wisdom?)

Now, do we want to Grow? Or don’t we? and if we refuse……the outcome is not God’s fault.

I know these are strong words but…….I have had to eat them too.

With Love, and In a Servant frame of mind,

Laura Grace, Author, Grace to Grow, The study guide




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