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Why do Athletes Run?

me in the light

God’s talking to me about the athlete, this morning.

Why does an athlete Run? (every day?) ….He runs
to obtain the prize (in the case of an athlete) but just
as any other thing God (inspired) His Apostles to say,
we are too look beyond what it says, and see how it
applies to us, exactly …….by God’s Spirit.
So this Morning I see an Athlete Runs to obtain a prize,
but we run to obtain our high calling (in Christ Jesus)
and just like with the Athlete, each day we run, each
time we have focus, we get stronger and stronger, day
by day. Then we are in shape to receive and walk in
(our high calling) ……………
Athletes do this, regardless if anyone runs with them or not.
We have a coach who never leaves us, His name is, the Holy Spirit.
Just as Jesus promised, he did not leave us comfortless, or without
a companion, and friend. Thank you Father, for making your Spirit real to us today …..
It was your desire that we never feel alone…….and, we aren’t! Unless we push this precious friend you sent to us away, we really are not alone…..thank you Father!
In Jesus’ name, amen

2 Timothy 2:5 And also if anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules. 

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