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The Meaning of Humble ……

Mom and Me 2011 in shedThis is my Mom. Happy Mother’s day Mom!

You know, I did not expect my books to be wildly popular, although I do expect God’s favor to be upon them. When I set out on the path of Growing in the Lord, I had no idea what fate would await me. I had no idea how much correction would come. I look back at how I was then, versus how I am now, and I am both amazed and staggered at the same time …………

When I finally had worn myself out trying to convince everyone they should think like me and accept Jesus, whom I claimed to know so well, I was so broken, so tired, so weary of trying to “run the race” as they call it, and I had no idea really what that statement even meant! I knew so many scriptures, yet I really knew nothing at all, except that Christ had saved me from myself. I knew I didn’t deserve his love, I knew I was constantly messing up, and I so desperately wanted to “be someone good” in Him.

I had so many role models through the years, people I thought were the ideal Christian. I found them to be imperfect, got shocked, tried to find some other perfect person, somewhere to be my role model. I tried to make church my family, because Mine wasn’t perfect. I learned the word of God, and found the more I applied it in my life, the more judgmental I became, of those who did not apply it, the way I did.

When I went to church all the time, I judged people who didn’t go. If they were having a hard time, I thought if they just went to church like I did, their lives would be better. When I tithed, people who had financial struggles, I thought you should tithe that would make your life better. I could see when someone else was a know-it-all, but I could not see I was that way myself.

I was so busy believing to become what God wanted, striving so hard to please God, trying so hard to become all He wanted me to be……………

I wish I could tell you God gave me a big “A” For effort, but he did not. Oh He loved me through it all, no doubt about that! God Is Patient and kind to me, no doubt about that either. Just, we don’t know HOW patient and kind he is, until we really get more revelation about how we really look, through his Eyes, and in the Mirror of his word …

and honestly? I don’t think anyone but The Holy Spirit can really teach us, what we need to know. Others can be examples to us……..They can share their own experiences with Jesus, and from them we can get clues…….

It’s God that has to show us……..Take this word (Of mine) Eat it, chew on it, and apply it TO YOU …….Allow me to CHANGE YOU ……….

Trust me when I say, His WORD will Humble you………(if you allow it) it will change you it will transform you………..When his love enters your Heart more and more…….

WOW ……When we see what a wretch we have been, THEN we can begin, again.

And you will know……but for the Grace of GodWhat a wretches we can be……….And then (and only Then) We can honestly say ………”I am throwing down my crown at your feet Father” …..for I know I never would have been anything, without you…….”

 -Laura Grace, Author, Grace to Grow, Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow, the Study Guide. available on Amazon.


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