The Judgement of God, in Action, Book of Acts

I was reading Acts Chapter 12 Today. Let’s see, what happened here? First Herod is harassing the church (of new believers) and he has James killed, (verse 2) then seized Peter, Locked him up in Prison. This all during the feast of Passover.

The church prayed for Peter CONSTANTLY It says. Suddenly, an Angel shows up (verse 7) and by verse 11, it says he was delivered by this very same Angel. An iron gate opens by itself, Peter walks out. The church, who is praying in faith, is still amazed when he’s free.

Verse 19, Herod has the guards killed for not doing their jobs. (Very unrighteous of him) and in Verse 23, we have the report Herod is now STRUCK by an Angel and dies.

“the church was praying constantly……..”

Now, I don’t know what they were praying exactly, but if they were praying constantly, I think it’s logical to say, they probably didn’t just pray the Lord’s prayer or just say “you’re will be done” and walk off and go about their business. They were passionate, fervent, and effectual about their prayers. I dare say, they had made up their minds that James getting killed was not God’s best, and that Peter should not be locked up in Prison by a wicked man! I want you to notice, two Angels showed up!

I dare say God in his Wisdom and Mercy, made an individual Judgment call in this circumstance as well. And he rules in favor of his children…..


Laura Grace

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