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“Jesus take the wheel”

A little Testimony for you, Back in 2008 I used to be on Yahoo Answers, Religion and Spirituality groups, as sisterzeal.
I know my bible well, and I was really good at making my point. I used to minister there.
I knew how to use my “bible sword” however, my whole motive was to slay the lies I was hearing, against my precious Lord and His Word, and while that seems like a worthy goal, I can tell you I was banished, silenced, and my account was deleted because I refused to back down from Zealosly standing up to the atheists on that group.
And no, I was not abusive, I didn’t call anyone names. But I did know how to back my words with scripture, I was relentless, and someone out there didn’t like it.
In my passion for Christ, I thought I was defending the weak, the new believers, and the ones asking very sincere questions by backing off these mobs of Atheists and God haters. To this day I am banished from that group.
I prayed in the morning, I prayed at night, I prayed for victory……I prayed in the Spirit over this group …….Still, I was banished, and could reach no one there.
My husband can tell you, he was there, he even tried to help. I was completely broken over this event of being “banished” from what I considered to be my only ministry at the time………..
A minister asked me if I needed help during that time, that’s how I met Minister Diamond Kelley. I entered into a Covenant Agreement with God to GROW …………to take his yoke, to learn of him. I have learned alot and one is to be a fisher of men, not an arguer with the foolish. -Selah
I started to read the bible AS IF I had never read it before, even though I knew my scripture full well, and I had read literally hundreds of Christian books by that time. I’ll tell you why, because I was getting so angry at what was happening, I was in danger of not growing myself and friend, that is not a place where you want to be.
To be wise is to listen (to the Lord) and to keep listening and keep growing and keep learning more FROM HIM! I have never regretted My decision to do this. It has benefited me in countless ways. So, I am not afraid to stand up to lies but I have learned, that is not our mission, OUR MISSION Is to be Fishers of Men!
You hold out the line, God draws them to you, to hear what you have to say. That’s how it works. Testimony from Grace to Grow, by Laura Grace Available on Amazon Jesus Take the wheel
The wise shall inherit glory, But shame shall be the legacy of fools.
Prov 3:35

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