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SO…..If this is from God, why isn’t anyone else saying it?(Great Question!)

NO SPIRIT OF FEARUS! Who was this passage talking to? (THE EARLY DISCIPLES OF COURSE!) And why did they need that word?

Because, they were venturing out! Saying things nobody ever said (before) Other than some prophets of old, and Jesus of course. But, did they say it JUST HOW Jesus said it? Do you see the Disciples looking in their notes, (what did Jesus say again?) and then quoting him directly? Or, do you see them writing books, getting revelation from the Holy Spirit, and even expanding on what Jesus said? NOT Making up new doctrines mind you, But the basic Gospel SEED which was planted in Jesus, grew up in them!

And, when they did start speaking, talking, doing signs and wonders……do you see Jesus coming along saying, “Now, is that what I showed you? I told you to put mud in his right eye, not his left!” “Now, I SAID Peace be still” To the winds and waves, why are you saying “CALM DOWN” (and get all on their cases for being THEM In Christ?)

Laura, why are you yakking about this? I will tell you. It doesn’t matter if TD Jakes said it, (What you are going to say right now) Or if Kenny Copeland Said it, or if Joyce said it, or if even your pastor said it. Guess what? They can’t cover all the bases. WE ARE A TEAM For Jesus (the Body of Christ) so let’s get out there, cover all the bases, not be afraid of doing it AND HELP TEAM JESUS Win! Amen?

John the Baptist was a forerunner, got his head chopped off! HE announced the coming of Jesus. WHY? That was his job, assigned by the Holy Spirit and, HE DID IT! Praise God!

But then here came Peter…..John, and the others ……..And you know what they saw? They saw YOU coming in the future! So they wrote things down FOR YOUR SAKE! Out of love! (FOR JESUS, and for you) and they had no hope of SELLING Those books back then either. But they wrote them anyway! Aren’t you glad they did? Aren’t you glad they spoke, even if many thought they were nuts, at the time?

SO Let’s not be scared of each other……if we belong to Jesus, we are family! And let’s not be afraid to at least listen, to what others have to say (for his names’ sake) amen.

If you want to publish a book, I will help you, free of charge. FREE OF CHARGE! Just ask me and I will do my best to help.

Love and blessings,

Laura Grace





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