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You get what you Prepare for!

prospect house kitchenWhat are you preparing for? Right now?

You know, years ago, the scripture I got ahold of, is that if one is faithful over little, He will be trusted with much. This applies to everything, including being a steward over Spiritual things, which God gives us.

I prepared this table, the guests showed up! Part of the preparation, was to invite the guests! If They said no, I invited someone else!

What we get, is what we prepare for. Years ago, I prepared to be a guitar player, worship leader, and I kept hearing those words in my spirit, “Faithful with a little, trusted with much.” Lots of people want to do great things, but do not wish to prepare for it.

Guess what? The doors opened! The river (and God) find a way!

If you want to see miracles, start believing for miracles over little things. Pray when you go eat! Pray over weird things, like “I pray” You will bless this woman’s hands, to give me a great hair cut today” (I’ve done it many times!) One time I didn’t! And I got a really bad hair cut too! I have a free will, you have a free will.

You can prepare your mind to receive miracles, see blessings, see God move in your life, and you CAN prepare yourself to hear from him too!

You can prepare for a fight, prepare for a job, prepare for a vacation. Many people spend their time plotting how to do evil! They prepare themselves for the next time they are going to “Spoil” Or wreck someone’s day! 

How can we possibly prepare for the last days? For disaster? If you do not prepare to be a faith person, having faith in the little things, assuming you can just figure it out yourself (and not bother God about it) how do you expect to have faith for big things?

If you prepare yourself to receive from God, starting out small, keeping a journal, writing down what you are expecting (from Him) believe me, it will happen eventually.

You want to hear from Him? Be a Water walker? See miracles Happen? Don’t miss an opportunity to practice! Right now I’m preparing for some things…….

And there are some things….I”ve been preparing for years to be READY! What you prepare for, you will receive. One day God will say okay “You’re Ready” Now Get Set, now GO!” …….As you think about preparation, remember, God is not in a hurry. He’s never in a panic, He’s never freaked out! Neither should we be!


With Love, Laura Grace


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