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The Power of Testimony …and the role of the accuser …….


Just want to share a little about the power of Testimony today. A testimony is when you have been a personal witness, of God doing something miraculous in yours, or someone else’s life. It could be you saw someone raised from the dead, or you were healed, or you had God provide for you in a miraculous way.

If you don’t get out much, you may not realize, some churches do not allow testimonies, and some welcome them fully! Jesus clearly said to his Disciples, they would be his “witnesses” and indeed, they were witnesses not only to the miracles he performed, but later on, miracles performed via themselves!

Now, when someone says they were healed supernaturally (and testify about it) or any other miracles God has performed in their lives, it’s inevitable the accuser (the devil) will stir someone to say “I did that, I wasn’t healed!” and claim the person testifying must be a liar, or they are Misrepresenting God somehow.

God says to me (I wrote this in my journal) We are accountable to preach and say what we know to be true, which he has etched into our very hearts by His Spirit.

It’s not my place to defend God, as he is well able to defend himself, if he deems it is needed.

You can choose, whether to be build up in your Faith but the power of Testimonies, or not. The bible is full of records of miraculous healings, deliverance, supernatural provision, hearts turning to God and becoming full of Joy, and people burning their sorcery junk in the middle of the street.

Jesus was so real to Peter, James, John, Matthew, Thomas, and others….they were willing to die for their faith and belief in Jesus Christ as a person, who was very personal, and very real, to them.

We need him to be that real to us! How we achieve that, is between us and God! What your testimony turns out to be, is also between you, and God. One thing I know I don’t want to be, is an accuser *of the brethren, such as those who make it their life’s aim to say “well that can’t be true.” God (as I have seen) is very big on jumping straight out of the boxes, we try to contain him in.

Yes, your testimony may just bring out the worst in people (sometimes). Testify anyway!

Someone out there, needs to hear it! with love and hope, Faith and believing…..

Til next time! Laura Grace




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