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Blessed are the Merciful…..Because, God is Merciful! Is Mercy weakness?

Testimonies lovelyWell again I had other plans today, but the Lord began to speak to me about Mercy. He wanted me to share what it means to me, personally. Matthew 5: Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy………

Most who know me, know I have a testimony about deliverance, but they do not know how many times I showed mercy, and how I DO NOT REGRET IT!

Nope, I have no regrets about showing mercy, hundreds and thousands of times! What does mercy mean, exactly? It means the person deserving of Punishment, does not get punished. Holding your tongue, not giving that lecture, not striking back, when someone strikes you! Someone says mean hurtful things, you keep your mouth quiet and go cry, pray, sob, and say “deliver me from this evil Lord!” They say they are sorry, do it again, and again, and again, and you forgive them, 70 times 7 and beyond!

I just don’t talk about it, but yes I have done this. Mercy is when someone steals from you, and you not only forgive, you say Okay Father “you pay me back” I’m giving this to you! Mercy is when someone tries to cut you off on the road, and after you shriek in horror you say “Father please help them slow down, and not hurt anyone!”

Mercy is when, someone has hurt you so bad you can hardly see straight, but they come and ask you for prayer, and you pray anyway. Mercy is what that Father Gave, to his prodigal son, that came down the road after blowing his inheritance on women and song.

Mercy is closely related to love, forgiveness, kindness, and generosity. Mercy is a God quality. God says his mercy triumphs over judgment! “blessed are the merciful” Jesus states in Matthew 5, for they shall obtain Mercy. Funny he didn’t say “give your heart to me!” Instead, he revealed his heart to the masses, then invited them to come to himself.

If we think mercy is for the weak, the doormats, or those with no backbone, we do not know Jesus at all. He was and is, MERCIFUL!

Now, I don’t believe he was born to be anyone’s whipping post, and I don’t believe we were either. We can be merciful, and still refuse to take abuse from others on a continuing or daily basis. This  is what I was talking about with my deliverance from a messed up bad marriage, which was not God’s will for my life. I had mercy, forgave the same things thousands of times. I AM NOT SORRY I DID THAT! I needed the practice!

Mercy is a God quality, one we all need to be informed about! If we are swift to punish, retaliate, strike back, lash out, and make plans on how to get revenge……

We are almost asking God to give us a big harvest of the same, when we mess up! And this is my take on Mercy, I need it, so I sow it. I am not perfect, so I forgive those who are not! Simple! Father, thank you for being Strong enough to show Mercy! You are not faint of heart and neither are we Father! Help us to walk in the supernatural, and in your Mercy!

Can we really afford not to be merciful? Mercy! Get some today!

With Love, Laura Grace


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