Do You Speak Right?

Sharing this great Word today from a fellow blogger! So true!

Vincent Egoro

These days too much emphasis is being laid on the quality of our actions and deeds towards others. Many times we strive to live righteously, by doing…but how about our words? How righteous are they? To me it really doesn’t count much if you are kind to me and do other many great things for me, but still curse me.

Folks, words are powerful, yet many of us don’t realise this. Let your words compliment your actions. It was said of Jesus in John 7:46 “No man ever spoke like this man.” Think about this. Can others say the same about you, as a Christian?

In other to live your greatest life, always remember that,

“A careless word may kindle strife, A cruel word may wreck a life; A bitter word may smite and kill, A brutal word may accomplish nil; But, A gracious word may smooth the way, A…

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