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LIGHT! We need to crave it, want it desire it …..and pray for it!

Hi Everyone!! Ever heard that expression “shed some light on the subject?” Light drives away darkness! Light brings hope! the Light of God is different than a light that man manufactures. God’s light is Holy, true, without mistakes, errors, or blemish. We as humans are not perfect, but God is perfect! Perfect wisdom! Perfect Truth!

When God speaks, we are filled with Love, Light, Peace, Truth, Hope and more clarity! Even correction feels like a love bath! This is why I aim higher, reach for more, and refuse to settle for the mundane. God’s wisdom is worth reaching for, praying for, even striving for to a degree. We strive to overcome our fleshly ways! God’s light chases away the darkness of our minds, BUT we have to become “unattached” to our own knowledge,

as well as our own”fleshly” Ideas.

James 3:15
This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic. UGH!

Father I don’t want this type of wisdom! I count it as rubbish! In Jesus’ name!

To get “out of ourselves” and into the Spirit is rather like a bird taking off to fly……….RUNNING Forgetting what’s behind or what others have said and receiving ……………..

“Grace to Soar!!” -Laura Grace                      

Father please illuminate our hearts and minds with YOUR LIGHT! Let there be LIGHT In me today Father I pray! IN Jesus’ name! And I receive it! Amen. and Amen. shine your light

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