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The Horror of Divorce …….it’s like being an amputee……no matter who left. Growing in Grace #2 PAIN IS PAIN!


Maybe Some people just “trot” down to divorce court, like they are exchanging a defective item, or returning shoes that were too small. I kind of doubt it but, perhaps there are persons like this. 

I’ve had people say “oh leave the past in the past” (forget about it now!). It’s been 15 years since I got divorced. Yes I am over it. I have regrets about the book I wrote “Grace to the Rescue” (available on Amazon). First I don’t like the publisher I used, Second, I was so focused on staying positive, giving due thanks and praises to God for getting me through it, I failed to really get across the nightmarish, agonizing pain of it all. 

If you Love someone, and they betray you, lie to you constantly, fail to keep their vows, thwart you at every turn when you are trying to train your kids to behave (as they are focused on being dysfunctional donkeys!) and when they love you one minute, and call you terrible names the next, lie about you, make you move 22 times because they won’t keep a job, cheat (and the list goes on), it rips you apart. If you are able to love yourself enough to get out of there, people rip you apart.

Your heart is torn apart from what truly is like, an amputation. Remember the passage? “If your arm causes you to sin cut it off?” I am NOT here to get you to feel sorry for me. 

I just know there are people out there some I know, some I love dearly…….

And every time I hear of them getting the disapproving looks, and the judgmental glances, because they say they got divorced, I cringe. My heart hurts for them. 

Why? Because I know, I have lived it. I know the pain of having to admit defeat, when you have tried everything you knew to do and still……..you can’t make it work. I know the rending and tearing that happens, when two souls get ripped apart, all because one wants God’s ways, and the other wants the ways of the evil one. 

This is part of my mission: “stick up” for those who are oppressed, cast down, and don’t know what to do anymore. Those who would rather die, then face the ordeal of leaving, only to learn those who loved them now disapprove, and will give those disapproving glances. Pain is Pain. I will never understand praying for someone in the hospital, getting their leg cut off, and refusing to pray for a person who is forced to go through divorce, in order to live. Why is it so different oh religious ones? 

I will never understand. With love and blessings despite the pain ….

Laura Grace Author, Grace to the Rescue. Available on Amazon


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