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Letters to my children #1 A book in Progress… “It’s Christmas time”

letters-to-my-childrenMy Dear Children,

I love you so much! How well I remember Christmas’s gone by.

That first time, when you didn’t know what a present was really, and just smiled and cooed at me over the pretty bows. Then later, the disappointment over not seeing the exact toy that was broadcast over the television set, over and over again.

We had traditions, which were passed down from my family, such as reading the story of Mary and Joseph on Christmas eve, and about baby Jesus, and how he was born in a manger. Ever year we sat and looked at the lights, prayed, read the story, and opened our gifts one by one.

There were so many years, I wondered if you would have a present at all, under the tree, from myself. Oh yes, grandma’s sent things, but I wanted to get you something, from me.

We made Christmas cookies, frosted them, and sang Christmas songs. We loved the Christmas lights, and sometimes yes, we stood in a very long line to get “free gifts’ because we were broke, and I wanted you to have more presents, like your friends did.

I remember that year I was asked the question “how come” (the nameless boy) doesn’t believe in God, and he got a 100.00 present? We prayed all the time, went to church constantly, and sang songs about prospering! It was a valid question, from a 10 year old boy. Well Father (I prayed) good question? Why can’t he have something cool?

I tried to make Christmas fun, like my mom always did. I wanted my tree as perfect as could be, as she did also. Christmas to me, was always a magical time. I didn’t care if I got a present, not really. I wanted to see your smiling faces, opening something grand!

Numerous years, I worked extra, to make sure we had Christmas food, gifts for others, and gifts for you as well. I know you didn’t get everything you wanted, but, I remember having fun. I remember Lego’s and care bears, hot wheels and the doll that had it’s own toilet!

Most of all, I remember I didn’t mind it was Christmas vacation, as we got to have fun, watch movies, eat popcorn, and play family games! Christmas was such a magical time of gifts and wonder and wondering what was under the tree. Baking of “our favorite goodies,” Turkey’s, feasts, and so many good things.

I don’t know how you remember it, but I remember Christmas being a time of wonder, almost magical, and full of love and Joy. I prayed over Christmas, every year! And even when we didn’t get everything we wanted, it was always good. Wasn’t it?

I love you. Mom

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