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Little Kids in Big Kid’s Clothing……What is a mature Christian? Do we even know?

Good Morning! dress up 2.jpg

A lot of stuff we call “sin” is just simple immaturity. I’ve watched Christians for years now, and I’ve been one myself! Still am! But here’s the thing, k? We go to church, we get saved, we are told that God doesn’t see sin when he looks at us anymore, He sees us In Christ (because of what Jesus did for us, amen?).

Then we start to worry about sin. I feel fear, I must be sinning, I looked at someone and thought bad thoughts …..oh dear I am sinning again! When will this ever stop? We feel good when we overcome what we deem to be sin, such as overeating, not caring about church, honoring or not honoring our parents, and so on, and so forth, and so on.

This type of thinking also leads to hyper-vigilance about other people’s sins. “DID YOU SEE THAT?”(We say), “The way she was dressed, in church?” DID YOU SEE (that she is not married, and lives with a guy?) Did you KNOW “I heard” he’s a thief, and a liar! 

Sin sniffers! They remind me of children. “Mom, Jeffrey is touching the grapes, that you told him not to touch, MOM MOM MOM!” People go to church, they hear a great sermon, and go out into the world. The sermon was about how drinking and carrying on is the “way of the wicked,” so when they see someone doing those things, they go up and say, “You know, I pray for you, Jesus loves you, he doesn’t want you doing that stuff.” That is not Evangelism. And, It’s not what we are called to do. 

One who considers themselves to be MORE Mature might just pray, and when the party animal tells them how much they drank yesterday, they might say “I see, well, I don’t do that stuff anymore, since I met Jesus!” (and consider this to be witnessing for Christ.). As children, while we may be “cute’ to our parents……WE really don’t have a clue (for quite awhile!) Do we? Furthermore, if we don’t listen to the life lessons (that our parents are trying to teach us) we remain clueless! 

God doesn’t mind if we are immature, he probably even thinks we are cute! The problem (that we fail to see at times) is that the rest of the world can see it, also. 

Most Christians want to learn how to be a better witness, but deep down, they really don’t know how. That’s why I share what I share (and I hope to get better at it) And why I will continue the mission of sharing (for the sake of God’s people) WE NEED TO GROW CHURCH! When I have had the honor of leading someone to Christ, they were ready (God drew them, seeds had been planted, and were watered) so I am nothing but a harvester (by his Grace). I am not a policeman for Jesus! (Selah, think on this) 

Then they got “BORN AGAIN” Not just talked into going to church…….(and maybe stopped going, because they weren’t born again, not hungry, it did nothing for them.) 

I have not come this far (In Christ) to go back and play “Little Kid Games’ when the world so desperately needs to see Jesus. Look, I’m not trying to be mean here, but really? REALLY Church? THE MANDATE we see in our bible IS Grace to Grow! This is for the believers. GROW……GROW it says……(Ephesians 1) GROW IN Grace…..

What non believers are doing is not really our business…….Come on church! I heard a preacher say once “When I was on my way to hell, I was going in style, with a bottle in one hand and a girl on each arm.” …….to run up to someone and point out how sinful they are is childish, trespassing, and it’s wrong. GOD doesn’t even do that! 

How did you come to Christ? Were you drawn by his love and Grace, or were you told what a big hairy sinner you are? (And beaten into submission?). If you went to church to be moral, straighten up your act, and become a self-righteous Pharisee, you are in worse shape than those who are drinking, drugging and living it up! A rampant sinner that cries for mercy has “MORE HOPE” Than you have!!! ……….

So let’s get our eyes off what “everyone else is doing” and how wicked they are, and get back to growing up ourselves! Amen! -Laura Grace, Author, Grace to Grow, Grace to Grow the Study Guide, Grace to soar…….and others. Peace! dress up.jpg

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Letters to my children #1 A book in Progress… “It’s Christmas time”

letters-to-my-childrenMy Dear Children,

I love you so much! How well I remember Christmas’s gone by.

That first time, when you didn’t know what a present was really, and just smiled and cooed at me over the pretty bows. Then later, the disappointment over not seeing the exact toy that was broadcast over the television set, over and over again.

We had traditions, which were passed down from my family, such as reading the story of Mary and Joseph on Christmas eve, and about baby Jesus, and how he was born in a manger. Ever year we sat and looked at the lights, prayed, read the story, and opened our gifts one by one.

There were so many years, I wondered if you would have a present at all, under the tree, from myself. Oh yes, grandma’s sent things, but I wanted to get you something, from me.

We made Christmas cookies, frosted them, and sang Christmas songs. We loved the Christmas lights, and sometimes yes, we stood in a very long line to get “free gifts’ because we were broke, and I wanted you to have more presents, like your friends did.

I remember that year I was asked the question “how come” (the nameless boy) doesn’t believe in God, and he got a 100.00 present? We prayed all the time, went to church constantly, and sang songs about prospering! It was a valid question, from a 10 year old boy. Well Father (I prayed) good question? Why can’t he have something cool?

I tried to make Christmas fun, like my mom always did. I wanted my tree as perfect as could be, as she did also. Christmas to me, was always a magical time. I didn’t care if I got a present, not really. I wanted to see your smiling faces, opening something grand!

Numerous years, I worked extra, to make sure we had Christmas food, gifts for others, and gifts for you as well. I know you didn’t get everything you wanted, but, I remember having fun. I remember Lego’s and care bears, hot wheels and the doll that had it’s own toilet!

Most of all, I remember I didn’t mind it was Christmas vacation, as we got to have fun, watch movies, eat popcorn, and play family games! Christmas was such a magical time of gifts and wonder and wondering what was under the tree. Baking of “our favorite goodies,” Turkey’s, feasts, and so many good things.

I don’t know how you remember it, but I remember Christmas being a time of wonder, almost magical, and full of love and Joy. I prayed over Christmas, every year! And even when we didn’t get everything we wanted, it was always good. Wasn’t it?

I love you. Mom