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New Beginnings, in 2017

GOOD MORNING! Here I am, just last week, when the temps were below zero (without the wind chill factor). I think it got down to 17 below here. Certainly 2017 is off to a cold start. If you have been reading my blog, I want to say thank you, for allowing me to share with you, the treasures of my heart. That sounds silly doesn’t it? Thank you for allowing me to share? 

It’s like saying “thank you” for trying my banana bread! (It’s very good by the way). I have a new life, new home, lots of wonderful things I could be doing right now. Life is good! I was recently chosen to teach music at the local school for a time, and it was a hit! I just marvel at the things God has done in my life, and I truly do…..

It’s truly my heart’s desire that no GOD child be left behind……and I am on a mission to share all the fabulous testimonies, encouragements, and words of wisdom God has placed in my heart. So, I built a new web page. Last summer I lost it, and now it’s been restored. There will be videos added soon! SO Keep an eye on it k? Or if you hear of anyone struggling, falling through the cracks, telling you “church” didn’t work for them or things are just too hard …… please tell them about my site. 

Thanks! With love! . -Laura Grace

Here’s the site:

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