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onward Christian Soldiers…..marching as to war…..with the cross of Jesus…

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Onward Christian soldiers….(by Laura Grace) under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I say this: This is a war! And we must believe we will win! Whenever I see films about war, I think of Christian soldiers. We get shot at (by the devil and his minions) every bad thing the devil the father of lies is behind it.

We nullify him with our faith! Our battle is not against flesh and blood EVEN THO we may see the enemies ways manifesting in people sometimes. Sickness is not of God he wants it gone.

GOD does not want you sick! Yes I have stood up to it too and seen it get worse. That’s no excuse! Sickness you have to leave! The Lame “be made whole” speak to that problem in the name of Jesus Christ. SHOOT it like a gun! use your weapons God gave you! “SHOOT” (in the Spirit) those words out of your mouth!

There is power in the name of Jesus! Power in the words you say!

I have accepted I live in a fleshly body full of unbelief. I have to overcome my mind, which has also had bad seeds planted at times, that are not of God. The Battle field for the mind is a real thing. satan sends flaming darts of unbelief at us to tell us we won’t make it. We have PTSD (he says) “we have too much trauma” so we have a right to give up give in or just wave the white flag.

My mind and body gets weak at times but with my MOUTH I can still speak words of Faith. OH Father! Let words of Faith be on my lips always! amen

Soldiers who fought often kept fighting for their commrades. they wanted to give up! their feet were cold and they thought they might go crazy from the continual sounds of war. They were traumatized when their friends were blown to pieces.

WW2 Victims were just as traumatized but they didn’t get meds for PTSD. I’m sure many of them had it. The Victors over it had to have faith.

WE can’t AFFORD TO GIVE UP! Don’t let “Give up” be part of your vocabulary! We are in this to win and we can make it Friends! We Can…….use your strength to declare victory!

WE ARE Going to Win! God is with us! We must go forward no matter what we’ve seen (like soldiers) we are fighting for a greater cause then just ourselves. The world needs to see your example and your Brothers and Sisters in christ need your prayers! We have the victory! never surrender! We will not be deafeated. With Love (preaching to myself too here)

your companion in the battle and a soldier of Jesus Christ, 


Laura Grace 

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No More Drama Series: Do you prefer Impersonal? Willing to Communicate?

FAith is light.jpg

We say we want personal but it makes us afraid, sometimes. So we choose impersonal. And we don’t like that either. 

Humans are funny creatures (sometimes).
We want to be more personal- but if it gets too personal, we don’t want that either. I remember when I first got with my husband, he was one of these “everything in the light” and “do everything together” sort of people.It’s not that I wanted to be secretive, but I had years of being alone, and doing things on my own. Having him watch me chop vegetables, his wanting to be in the room while I dressed, put on make up, use deoderant, (and so on) was just flat uncomfortable for me. 
He seemed to be of the opinion, that people who don’t like that are “sneaky” somehow, or we have something to hide. (Not so, not all the time!) I remember saying to him “I don’t like to live in a fishbowl!” He got all funny on me ‘Well I just like to be with you” He said. 
Oh the task of having to explain “I don’t like” to be with someone all the time! Did you know some people really do like to be around people ALL the time?
(And others do not??) and for those who don’t, those who do can make us feel crowded, suffocated even, without even meaning to. When we say “I need my space” it sounds harsh (even to our own ears) at times, especially to a person who likes “a lot of together time.” 
Intimate settings for some (in church) is not good for them. Praying together for one person can be comforting, for another it causes trauma.  We need to be patient. Give them space, and not say “What’s wrong with you?” 
Since we don’t know the history of the person we are getting to know, We may step on their toes, and not have any idea we did it. Communication is so important in these areas! I do recall my boss (who communicated) saying “Laura’ What is WRONG? (and she took me aside). How wonderful to have a person to just say “Is something wrong?” “How can I help?” 

Because she genuinely cared, and was not judgmental in her tone, as in “What’s WRONG WITH YOU?” I was able to communicate my feelings to her. This is the type of person I aspire to be. Not unapproachable, scary, and fearing intimate conversations with people. But it will take some overcoming, and discomfort. Day after day…….

In the case of my husband & me, I said “Look I need some space,” and it’s nothing against you personally, it’s just ‘how I’m wired”. Not yelling at him “I NEED MY SPACE!!” Why can’t you see that?” LOL 
Communication is SO important. To a person who isn’t good at it maybe just say “can we communicate? Will you please listen to me?” 
Something to think about…..
With Love, Laura Grace


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My Testimony of when, I didn’t think I could be a Mom…….by Laura Grace

I have two beautiful kids. (Children) Carolee, and Thomas. The children of my body. I have a Step son that I cherish too, and a couple I have adopted in my heart (Stephen, etc) but that’s just an extension of a miracle God did some years ago, in my life. 

I was scared to be a mom. I never talked about it (to anyone) but I was terrified. I thought I would be bad at it (for starters) and I wondered why all these other young women wanted to have children, and I would find myself saying, “I’m never having kids.”

You should have seen the horrified looks I got, when I would say that as a teenager. My supposed defiant attitude, was not really defiant at all. It was a mask I wore, to cover the fear, and the shame, and the humiliation, of not believing I would be a good mom. 

I don’t know where Unreasonable fears come from, as their original source is satan (the evil one) but who scatters the seeds of his evil unbelieving, I sometimes have no idea. 

See, sometimes masks are worn, because the shame is too unbearable (to endure.) I used to play with matchbox cars and hot wheels. I tried to enjoy my dolls, but I was not much into that, either. 

When My daughter was born, I loved her so much, but I was also terrified, of messing up her life. Why did God trust me with blessing, I wondered, and this tiny life? I didn’t deserve it. It was totally his Grace, that I had her at all. 

I remember holding her, weeping as she cried, sobbing, and tears running down my face, when I was so tired, and she would not stop crying, and I didn’t know how to fix it. I remember the horror, of sometimes waking up an hour after she did (when she got older) to see her quietly playing in her playpen, and wondered when she woke up. 

I got impatient, scolded her, yes even yelled at times. I made so many mistakes, especially in those first 2 or 3 years……(and beyond). It wasn’t until I went to church, and found out how great the responsibility of children really is, that I found myself crying to the Lord for Mercy. When I learned that children are like arrows (in the hands of a warrior) and that God had so much to say about training your children (in Deuteronomy) I was appalled at myself, for how I was failing them. 

I began to realize how much influence, we really do have, in our children’s lives. I decided I wanted God to influence them, but I had no idea, where to begin. 

One day at a prayer meeting in a very large retreat (Aglow) They said we could get prayer for anything. We were poor, needed security, deliverance, all kinds of things we needed, but the thing I wanted most, was for God to impart to me, how to be a good Mom. I remember how STUPID I felt (notice the word how I felt) as I asked this woman to pray I’d be a good mom. What is she going to think? (my brain screamed!) She is going to think I’m a horrible person, needing prayer to be a good mom. Aren’t all mom’s good moms? Don’t they all have the motherly instinct, to do what’s right? 

I felt like a real reject, asking this woman to pray for me. But the heart felt cry was real. It said, “FATHER GOD, I trust you with my children, more than I trust myself.” 

So in tears, with my heart open wide, I received All God had for me that day. I’m not going to say I was perfect, but I took the job of mother, as seriously as If I were a pastor of a church, or a ruler of a nation. Because in essence, that’s what we are, when we have children. The Responsibility is huge! Someone’s very soul has been deposited into your care. Who would want a job like that, without the help of Almighty God?

I have peace, I know I did my best and with God’s help, I am confident my children have turned out just fine. They are a blessing, and now they are raising their own children, (with God’s help of course) and they too ask for his help daily, in Prayer. 

What a blessing! what a legacy! (to be continued) 

With Love, Laura Grace




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New Beginnings, in 2017

GOOD MORNING! Here I am, just last week, when the temps were below zero (without the wind chill factor). I think it got down to 17 below here. Certainly 2017 is off to a cold start. If you have been reading my blog, I want to say thank you, for allowing me to share with you, the treasures of my heart. That sounds silly doesn’t it? Thank you for allowing me to share? 

It’s like saying “thank you” for trying my banana bread! (It’s very good by the way). I have a new life, new home, lots of wonderful things I could be doing right now. Life is good! I was recently chosen to teach music at the local school for a time, and it was a hit! I just marvel at the things God has done in my life, and I truly do…..

It’s truly my heart’s desire that no GOD child be left behind……and I am on a mission to share all the fabulous testimonies, encouragements, and words of wisdom God has placed in my heart. So, I built a new web page. Last summer I lost it, and now it’s been restored. There will be videos added soon! SO Keep an eye on it k? Or if you hear of anyone struggling, falling through the cracks, telling you “church” didn’t work for them or things are just too hard …… please tell them about my site. 

Thanks! With love! . -Laura Grace

Here’s the site:

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