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The power of one…..and the importance of one ……and the mandate to go……..

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For years i wondered where I fit in, in God’s church. I wondered what my job was. In church I felt like a kid who never got grown up enough to handle any sort of responsibility, no matter how Hard I tried. Oh sure I loved going to church but eventually, I (like any kid) wanted to do something too. All the jobs seemed to be taken, and my job was to sit on the pew. I just didn’t like it (is all) so for years I practiced guitar (Praise music) and prayed, sought God, what was I to do? 
Now years later, I understand the river (and the heart of a believer) will find their way into their true calling. 
My husband and I just got back from a vacation/ministry trip. He had a few days of Vacation, and we have not taken one since last year (at this same time) when we went to be a tourist down in Dillon, plus went to Virginia City. WE prayed, Packed up, and went on a Journey praying we would find those God wanted us to find (on this trip). Over the 5 days we found 10 stops and about 20 people we prayed for (total). We also were prayed for as we met with new friends who prayed and ministered to us as well! I had always wanted to see Silverwood (never have) a theme park near post falls ID. I wanted to do a lot of things, shop for stuff, go to this famous donut shop, just all kinds of things …..
but …we gave up our vacation and we gave it to Jesus. He used it to do marvelous things too! the memories of who I have prayed for and spent time with on this trip will be marked for eternity! I have no regrets that I did what I did. 
We prayed for a woman who is having a terrible time with her Dad, for another guy that is grieved about how he can’t find any good churches (in his town) as he said so many are falling into strange doctrines and wierd beliefs.
We stood and prayed for entire church complex and witnessed to the secretary in the church and encouraged her. I prayed with a little girl who was severely abused and another couple whose shop was going out of business. God led me to a homeless shelter/soup kitchen where he had me stand and give my testimony of how I got saved, and offered them hope with tears running down my face ……
The point is not to impress you but to say…..the river finds a way. If you can’t minister anywhere because the jobs all seem to be taken, Jesus has a job for you. I’ve heard so many pastors say “reach out to people” (on your job or wherever) but we all know that’s not so easy. Just think if Every believer spent some days of their lives saying who can I reach today Father? Who can I reach today? “Work through me today Father!” 
How many could all of us reach together? Probably everyone. 
To do this we can’t be concerned with Notariety or what WE are going to get out of it. In Matthew 10 Jesus said to his Disciples GO……..GO ………
I see nothing about anyone taking up an offering for them or having church back up. They just went……..and delivered what they had in their heart to deliver …..
YES my friends ONE (You) can make a difference, and that ONE life you touch, THEY MATTER (Jesus said so!) …….So now what are you waiting for? The world needs to hear and see the treasures God has put in your heart……..Amen? 
Matthew 18:12
“What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them goes astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine and go to the mountains to seek the one that is straying?
PS: The Lord made sure we were blessed and still had some fun on this trip Isn’t he GOOD? yes he is. He is so Good! Praise Jesus! 🙂
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My Testimony of when, I didn’t think I could be a Mom…….by Laura Grace

I have two beautiful kids. (Children) Carolee, and Thomas. The children of my body. I have a Step son that I cherish too, and a couple I have adopted in my heart (Stephen, etc) but that’s just an extension of a miracle God did some years ago, in my life. 

I was scared to be a mom. I never talked about it (to anyone) but I was terrified. I thought I would be bad at it (for starters) and I wondered why all these other young women wanted to have children, and I would find myself saying, “I’m never having kids.”

You should have seen the horrified looks I got, when I would say that as a teenager. My supposed defiant attitude, was not really defiant at all. It was a mask I wore, to cover the fear, and the shame, and the humiliation, of not believing I would be a good mom. 

I don’t know where Unreasonable fears come from, as their original source is satan (the evil one) but who scatters the seeds of his evil unbelieving, I sometimes have no idea. 

See, sometimes masks are worn, because the shame is too unbearable (to endure.) I used to play with matchbox cars and hot wheels. I tried to enjoy my dolls, but I was not much into that, either. 

When My daughter was born, I loved her so much, but I was also terrified, of messing up her life. Why did God trust me with blessing, I wondered, and this tiny life? I didn’t deserve it. It was totally his Grace, that I had her at all. 

I remember holding her, weeping as she cried, sobbing, and tears running down my face, when I was so tired, and she would not stop crying, and I didn’t know how to fix it. I remember the horror, of sometimes waking up an hour after she did (when she got older) to see her quietly playing in her playpen, and wondered when she woke up. 

I got impatient, scolded her, yes even yelled at times. I made so many mistakes, especially in those first 2 or 3 years……(and beyond). It wasn’t until I went to church, and found out how great the responsibility of children really is, that I found myself crying to the Lord for Mercy. When I learned that children are like arrows (in the hands of a warrior) and that God had so much to say about training your children (in Deuteronomy) I was appalled at myself, for how I was failing them. 

I began to realize how much influence, we really do have, in our children’s lives. I decided I wanted God to influence them, but I had no idea, where to begin. 

One day at a prayer meeting in a very large retreat (Aglow) They said we could get prayer for anything. We were poor, needed security, deliverance, all kinds of things we needed, but the thing I wanted most, was for God to impart to me, how to be a good Mom. I remember how STUPID I felt (notice the word how I felt) as I asked this woman to pray I’d be a good mom. What is she going to think? (my brain screamed!) She is going to think I’m a horrible person, needing prayer to be a good mom. Aren’t all mom’s good moms? Don’t they all have the motherly instinct, to do what’s right? 

I felt like a real reject, asking this woman to pray for me. But the heart felt cry was real. It said, “FATHER GOD, I trust you with my children, more than I trust myself.” 

So in tears, with my heart open wide, I received All God had for me that day. I’m not going to say I was perfect, but I took the job of mother, as seriously as If I were a pastor of a church, or a ruler of a nation. Because in essence, that’s what we are, when we have children. The Responsibility is huge! Someone’s very soul has been deposited into your care. Who would want a job like that, without the help of Almighty God?

I have peace, I know I did my best and with God’s help, I am confident my children have turned out just fine. They are a blessing, and now they are raising their own children, (with God’s help of course) and they too ask for his help daily, in Prayer. 

What a blessing! what a legacy! (to be continued) 

With Love, Laura Grace